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Gift Card Terms and Conditions
Please use your card at any Gordon Food Service Store™ for any of our restaurant-quality products. For remaining balance information, check your receipt, or call (888) 820-7030. Protect this card and treat it like cash. For a store location near you, visit our website at gfsstore.com, find us in the White Pages under Gordon Food Service®, or call (800) 968-6525. About your Scrip Card: The issuance and use of this card is subject to the following terms and conditions: Present this card as payment for your purchase. This card is not refundable or redeemable for cash and no change will be given except where required by law. Card cannot be used as payment on any credit amount. Please treat this card like cash. Lost, stolen, or damaged cards will not be replaced. This card does not expire, nor do we charge fees for any reason. This card cannot be used as payment in conjunction with our Gordon GO! program. It cannot be used with any other discounts or coupons.