OPTin - One Pantry at a Time

Three teachers at Yorktown High School in Arlington launched a GoFundMe campaign a week before their schools shut down due to the coronavirus. They knew if schools closed, food insecure families could face challenges feeding their families. So their goal was to get $100 grocery gift cards into the hands of as many needy kids in their school system as possible. They started by standing in line at the grocery store, but quickly realized they needed another way. That's when they turned to GiftCardAid. They were able to get a thousand gift cards into kids' hands within a week.

"GiftCardAid was a great way for us to quickly get more than a thousand grocery gift cards into poor families hands during the Coronavirus pandemic. They helped us to help our neighbors in a challenging time."

Aaron Schuetz High school teacher and co-founder of the OPTin fundraiser OPTin Fundraiser